WWe are official Opel distributor in Brussels and Waterloo. Our services are aimed at individuals as well as the self-employed and the liberal professions. We also specialized in fleet sales, public organizations, associations and diplomatic sales. We are an approved Opel Business Center for Brussels and Brabant Wallon.

opel_wat-2525_web Peeters family and Opel have been collaborating since more than 45 years now. It is not a coincidence that we have a lot in common. The passion for automotive of course but also the willingness to continuously  improve our services.


  • 1949 – Beginning of the Peeters family car business in Waterloo
  • 1978 – Opening of our Opel Dealership in Waterloo
  • 1991 – Opel Waterloo Building Expansion
  • 2002 – Opening of our Opel Dealership in Braine-L’Alleud
  • 2004 – Launch of Saab in Waterloo
  • 2005 – Entire renovation of our Waterloo showroom
  • 2007 – Launch of Chevrolet in Waterloo and Braine-l’Alleud
  • 2009 – Opening of our Opel Dealership in Brussels
  • 2011 – Showroom expansion in Waterloo
  • 2013 – Entire renovation of our Braine-L’Alleud showroom




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